Loeb Stories - Lafayette Leopards

The Aviators worked with BoilerComm, Purdue's student run public relations firm, to gather stories from those that have been involved with Loeb Stadium over the years. Here is what they gathered with Brad Cohen, former owner of the Lafayette Leopards and owner of Arni's Restaurant. For more stories, see:

Q&A with Brad Cohen of the Lafayette Leopards

Q: How does Loeb play into your story and your upbringing?

A: Loeb Stadium has been here as an iconic stadium since I was a kid. I played baseball through my youth, and I played at West Lafayette High School so whenever we played Jeff, we got to come over here and play in the stadium. And it was a stadium, the rest of us played on fields. This was a stadium

And of course with Arni's just past the left field wall, we've been a part of every kid who hits a home run out there. We used to have a sign out there that said if you hit a ball over the sign you get a free pizza. 

It's been a part of my life since the very beginning. With the old stadium going away and the new stadium being built, it's kind of like the end of an era and the start of a new one.


Q: What's a memory from your early days at Loeb?

A: I laugh about the "Ultimate Catch" that I had but I didn't really have. I made a diving attempt at a ball in center field...when I was on the ground I turned my back to home plate and the ball was sitting right on the ground, but the crowd couldn't see it. I picked up the ball like I caught it and the umpire came out and rang the guy out. It was the third out of the inning and when I came in, my coach asked, "Did you catch it?" I told him, "Of course I did."


Q: What would you say is the relationship between baseball at Loeb and the Lafayette community?

A: Yeah it’s definitely part of the community. This is a good baseball town. It doesn't compete against anything. Baseball gets its own thing all summer. It’s a baseball town, it’s had baseball for generations. It’s had every level, it’s had youth sports, it’s had high school sports, a little bit of college sports, and now you have a full summer of college league baseball in a phenomenal facility with great marketing... and beer. It works. This town needs good family summertime fun.