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The Aviators worked with BoilerComm, Purdue's student run public relations firm, to gather stories from those that have been involved with Loeb Stadium over the years. Here is what they gathered with City of Lafayette Mayor Tony Roswarski. For more stories, see:

Feature Story on Interview with City of Lafayette's Mayor Tony Roswarski

From Player to Mayor; Tony Roswarski’s Time at Loeb Stadium  
“Everyone will have an opportunity to make new memories at Loeb Stadium.” 

3,000 people are cheering in the stands, gathered at historic Loeb Stadium to watch you and your teammates compete in the biggest sporting event of your playing career. You are up to bat, a moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life, your community rallied around you…

Before he competed to become Lafayette’s Mayor or to be a Lafayette Police Officer, Tony Roswarski was competing at Loeb Stadium in the Colt League. Roswarski, incidentally, played for the Police Team as a youth baseball player. This connection to the Lafayette Police through baseball at Loeb lead to the opportunity for Roswarski as a high schooler to go on ride-alongs with Officer Terry Thompson, the Coach of the Colt World Series team in 1977 when Lafayette won the tournament. The two later went on to serve on the Lafayette Police Department together. Of Loeb’s uniqueness, Roswarski recalls that-

“Getting to come to Loeb for an event or to play baseball, because of its grand nature for the time period, just really made you feel special… there was so much history there and it was such a big deal to get to play at Loeb,”

Just as Roswarski fondly remembers playing in the Colt League and watching the 4th of July fireworks show a Loeb Stadium, community members of all ages, occupations and interests have made their own cherished memories at the iconic Lafayette landmark.

“I think the historic impact will always be those memories that were made there. The family times that were cherished...The many friendships and relationships that were built there that lasted lifetimes and were passed on through generations. I think it was just a place that really united people and brought people together,” 

The new Loeb Stadium, set to be complete in the Fall of 2020, aspires to have the same impact on the Lafayette community. Times have certainly changed, instead of Colt World Series players the Lafayette Aviators occupy the historic field. The scoreboard is no longer changed by hand. Some things, however, remain the same. You can still hear the monkeys of Columbian Park Zoo going wild when a foul ball ball grazes their enclosure. Children still spend their summer days in the stands, watching the baseball players they look up to play the game. The fun atmosphere that fosters family time, friendship formation, and fond memories remains to this day and will carry over to the new and improved Loeb Stadium facility. Soon people will watch movies, dance at concerts, play sports and attend car shows in the newly reconstructed Loeb Stadium. 

“What excites me about the new stadium is the ability for the next generations to make those same types of memories in a new modern stadium where we can play baseball, soccer, football, host a concert, host movie nights, host car shows and boat shows,” 

Transformations of other Columbian Park staples, such as Columbian Park Zoo and Tropicanoe Cove, along with the resurrection of a new Loeb Stadium will allow for a new generation of community members the unique, memory making experiences that Lafayette offers.

For the full Q&A with Mayor Roswarski, visit: http://www.lafayettebaseball.com/promo/city-transcript.