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The Aviators worked with BoilerComm, Purdue's student run public relations firm, to gather stories from those that have been involved with Loeb Stadium over the years. Here is what they gathered with Tim Bordenet of Central Catholic High School Baseball. For more stories, see:

Feature Story on Interview with Tim Bordenet of Central Catholic Baseball

It was a typical spring evening at Loeb Stadium. Longtime rivals Central Catholic and Lafayette Jeff were preparing to compete in the most anticipated high school baseball game of the season, and the noise of excited fans echoed through the Stadium. For Tim Bordenet, this evening was anything but typical. Not even the commotion of the jam-packed stadium could silence his own nervous thoughts. Like many who grew up in Lafayette, Tim had spent a great deal of his childhood coming to games at Loeb. However, this time was different. Tim was a freshman on the varsity team, and this was the most exhilarating yet terrifying game he had ever played. Sweaty palms, stomach churning, and adrenaline running through his veins, the first inning started and there was no turning back. As each inning passed by, Tim’s nerves slowly began to fade and he enjoyed playing the game he loved. A few innings later and the Central Catholic Knights had defeated Lafayette Jeff. The crowd roared with excitement and Tim sighed with relief.

Since that remarkable win over Jeff, Tim Bordenet has never stopped chasing the thrill of the game. Throughout high school, Bordenet continued to play for the Knights and joined the American Legion and Colt World Series leagues. He currently serves as the Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach for Central Catholic and has been a coach for several Colt World Series teams. Devoting a great deal of his life to baseball has taught Tim that not every game results in the same sense of pride he felt after playing his first game at Loeb. It’s losses like the nail biting 1985 Colt World Series Championship later in his career that create humble athletes like Tim who bring a greater appreciation for winning to the game.

When asked about his most vivid memory from Loeb stadium, Bordenet described playing in this unforgettable game. Bordenet and his teammates had advanced past the first three rounds, securing themselves a place in the winning bracket for their last game. A victory over Ocean View California was the only barrier between them and the title of 1985 Colt World Champions. But the title that many were sure would be Lafayette’s for the taking was secured by Ocean View in an unanticipated comeback. Unfortunately, Bordenet and his teammates weren’t able to take home the championship title, but making it as far as they did was still an amazing feat.

The loss of the 1985 Colt World Series contributed to the stick-with-it attitude that is evident in Bordenet’s successful coaching career. If anyone needs proof of his success, it’s not hard to find. In fact, Tim did eventually get a Colt World Series Championship. This came in 1999 when Tim coached the Hoosier North team to glory.

Tim has led seven teams to state championship titles and two runner-up titles during his time at Central Catholic and is also the youngest person ever to be inducted into the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Perhaps the secret to his success is forgetting about the fancy trophies and titles and just encouraging his teams to play for the love of the game, like he did in his first game at Loeb. “It doesn’t matter the wins or losses, it’s the enjoyment and excitement that you see from the players,” said Bordenet.

Bordenet takes pride in the unbreakable bond that he shares with his old teammates and those he has coached over the years. “You know you might not see each other or talk to each other all the time, but when you get back together it seems like it was just yesterday you had those successes and failures that are part of the stadium history,” Bordenet said.

Over the years, Loeb stadium has served as a common area for all community members—baseball fans or not. The new Loeb Stadium will embody the same sense of community pride, and will be built on the foundation of memories from people like Tim.

For the full audio and transcript of the BoilerComm's interview with Tim Bordenet, visit: http://www.lafayettebaseball.com/promo/cc-transcript.