Lafayette Aviators Headlines

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July 1 2016

Aviators Drop 11-5 Decision against Dans

An offensive domination by the Danville Dans left your Aviators unable to recuperate and ended in a dropped 11-5 decision.   The fourth brought with it one of the best displays of heroism to date when Mark Sluys (Brown University) slung in three after a home run over center. Strong at bats by the Dans left your Aviators in search of a big c... Continue Reading
June 30 2016

Aviators Drop Heartbreaker Against Jackrabbits

Your Aviators drop a heartbreaker 8-7 decision tonight against the Kokomo Jackrabbits, leaving us trailing 3-1 in the rivalry games.   A seemingly secured lead after a double RBI from Bryce Evans (Flagler College) in the fourth left Aviators fans compelled watch the remainder of a game that continued to get closer and closer after each offen... Continue Reading
June 29 2016

A New Win Streak Continues For Aviators in Rivalry Game

A big win for your Lafayette Aviators tonight against the Kokomo Jackrabbits, this 5-3 decision gives the Aviators a spot when it comes to the rivalry games which now stand 2-1 Jackrabbits.   We ended the first half-season in franchise history winning nine of the last ten games, but ending one half-game shy of West Virginia for the Eastern D... Continue Reading
June 28 2016

Aviators Come Back With Win Over Kings

It’s time for your Aviators to start another win streak, already racking one up against the Champion City Kings in a 8-2  win.   The Lafayette Aviators scored in the ninth on a fielder's choice, a double by John Valente (Saint John’s University), and Evan Warden (Purdue University) who racked up three RBIs on three hits for ... Continue Reading
June 26 2016

Aviators Drop 7-3 Decision With Quincy

Your Aviators remain a half-game out of the Eastern Division lead after snapping their seven-game winning streak in Quincy tonight, dropping a  7 to 3 decision.  Two unearned runs scored by IFs John Valente (St. John's; 2 for 5) and Joe Murray (Loyola Marymount) in the 1st staked Lafayette to an early lead, but a three-run... Continue Reading
June 25 2016

Aviators Secure Seventh Straight Win

After what had the potential to be another close game for the Aviators, a win is pulled off against the Quincy Gems, securing the seventh game of the Aviators’ win streak, taking a 11-7 win.   After a secured lead for the vast majority of the game, the Aviators began to slip defensively, letting the Gems gain their seven runs which beg... Continue Reading
June 24 2016

Aviators Continue Win Streak After Eleven

Eleven innings of play ended in a for your Aviators and a new addition to their recent win streak after taking a 4-3 decision against the Champion City Kings.   A home run by Evan Kennedy (Purdue University) in the second was thought to be the run that carried the Aviators for the remaining seven innings, but a strong offensive come back by... Continue Reading
June 23 2016

Aviators Sweep Chillicothe in Second DH

Your Aviators continue their win streak in game one of the DH against the Chillicothe Paints tonight, leaving with an 8-5 winning decision.   In the bottom of the second inning, the Aviators were pushing for a tie game when Riley Benner (Saint Joseph’s College), whipped up a double to tie the game at fives, then came in himself to tak... Continue Reading
June 21 2016

Aviators Take 4-0 Decision Against Drones

After sweeping a doubleheader against the Sliders this weekend, the Aviators came back for more against the DuPage Drones, taking the 4-0 lead and keeping it through five innings. Steven Skolarz (Loyola Marymount) was the winning pitcher for the Aviators, keeping the Drones out of the game for seven whole innings. Tonight's player of the game was... Continue Reading
June 19 2016

Aviators Take DH Against Springfield Sliders

A defensive battle broke out today in Loeb for game one of two tonight against the Springfield Sliders.  Eventually you Aviators took the lead in the eighth inning with an ending score of 1-0.   A deadlocked blank board left fans wondering who was going to score the one point to end game one of the double header between the Aviators and... Continue Reading