Incredible Game earns Aviators a Win

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Aviators played the type of game that every team loves to play against the Springfield Sliders. In the first inning, the Aviators saw 2 home runs courtesy of Kam Smith and Bryce Ball.

Three RBI led the Aviators to a 5-0 lead before Trevor Pittman could start the night on the mound.


The Sliders tried to build a comeback in the fourth inning with 2 runs. The Aviators were quick to return, when Bryce Ball hit a grand slam widening the lead to 9-2. The game became relatively quiet moving into the seventh with the Aviators keeping their wide margin and winning an ideal game.


The Aviators return to action at home tomorrow at 6:35 PM, for their second to last home game of the season.


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