Aviators add a Win to the Column with Victory Against Hannibal

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Coming off a loss the night before, the Aviators were looking to add another win to their record. Unlike the night before, the game versus the Hoots got a slow start with neither team scoring for 3 innings.


The Aviators broke the scoreless streak with 2 runs from Jason Cryar and Matthew Patton in the top of the fourth. Once they obtained the lead, the Aviators kept it. Hannibal scored 1 in the fifth to narrow the margin; but the Aviators returned scoring one run in each the sixth and the eighth while holding the Hoots to without a run those 3 innings.


The Aviators showed how much they wanted to win in the ninth inning with 3 runs, including a second run for Ben Tharp and Jason Cryar, to create a comfortable 7-1 lead. Trace Hoffman came in to pitch the bottom of the ninth and pitched a 3 up 3 down to finish the game and give the Aviators the win they were after.



The Aviators return to Lafayette to play Springfield tomorrow (6/14) at 6:35 PM.


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