Fan Reviews

We have a ton of great fans! Here is what a few of them had to say:

"It was just FUNTASTIC!!!!!" - Misty L
"Great place to take the family..." - Rickie W
"Love the Aviators! Great brats, cold beer!" - Diana T
"...Wonderful place for family outings." - Joseph C
"...The staff here is amazing!" - Brad D
"...a fantastic place to catch a ball game. Always a good time." - Kyle K
"Always a great time at Loeb Stadium. The Aviators games are exciting to watch and are fun for the whole family!!" - Christopher L
"Awesome venue, staff and team. Always an exciting time." - Chris B
"Nothing like summer nights and small town baseball. The Aviators do a great job creating a fun atmosphere..." Paul W
"A fun place to watch a minor league baseball game. Very family friendly. The tickets, food and souvenirs were relatively inexpensive." - Tim A
"Really nice place to be, a great time was had by all!!!" - Deborah R
"There is a fun atmosphere for all ages here... It was a huge bonus that the Aviators rocked and won by a landslide tonight!" Natalie M
"GREAT Family Fun, we can't wait to go back ♡ I'd definitely recommend. so much fun for the kids." - Ashley H
"Made my 4 year olds son dreams come true we appreciate it so much." - Ryan F
"Always a good time! Great family atmosphere! Go Aviators!" - Stan T
"We love the Aviators!!!!! Take flight! Every game I'm just so thrilled to be there and be part of this event." - Amy G
"It was a good game to take my son to go see...the player gave my son a baseball. He held onto it for the game and afterwards we went down to the field and had him sign that ball only. We also got another ball for the other players to sign. My son will cherish this evening and hold onto both baseballs. Steven Skolarz has a fan in my son. Thank you." - Jamie C
"Great affordable entertainment. Players are a class act and staff works hard to make sure you enjoy yourself." - Lynne P