LiveSource Auctions

The Lafayette Aviators and LiveSource LLC are thrilled to announce a partnership to utilize the LiveSource mobile app for online auctions before, during and after games. The LiveSource platform will make it incredibly easy and convenient for Aviators fans to take part in live game-used jersey auctions without leaving their seats during games. In addition, it will give fans from all over the country an opportunity to bid on these and other special memorabilia, as well as fan experience items. LiveSource will enable the Aviators to instantly reach fans with opportunities and in turn treat fans to constant excitement.

“We are excited to be partnering with LiveSource for online auctions this coming season,” said Zach Chartrand, GM of the Lafayette Aviators. “The LiveSource platform will enable us to engage our fans, from all over, in auction opportunities including: Unique Fan Experiences, Used Player Equipment, Game Worn Jerseys, and much more. This opportunity aligns perfectly with our constant push to be a premier entertainment destination in the community.”

"Fans in Lafayette and from around the country will be tuned in to bid and buy the experiences and memorabilia the Aviators can offer at the drop of the hat throughout the season," said Scott Levin, CEO of LiveSource. "We couldn't be more excited to help increase their auction and in-game opportunities and help make their games even more exciting for fans and supporters."

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Founded in 2016 by Scott F. Levin, LiveSource enables partners to surprise and electrify fans with unanticipated opportunities to own unique collectibles and experiences. LiveSource partners can react instantly to initiate auctions for the fans while they are most excited – right then and there during the event. Bidding, winning and payment is all facilitated on mobile devices through the LiveSource app. For any additional information, contact LiveSource at 858-336-8380 or