Long Week ends in a Clean Win

Sunday, July 22, 2018

In the last 7 days the Aviators have played 9 games, winning only 2. Today in Champion City, Lafayette used the past week to fuel themselves towards a win. Today’s game began neck-in-neck, tied 1-1 through the first and second innings. In the top of the third the Aviators pulled away consistently having multiple players on base, resulting in 3 runs.


A home run from Jordan Libman brought Tyler Powers home, expanding the Aviators margin to 4. The Aviators kept a consistent scoring schedule through the remainder of their at bats. Champion City fought back, and almost came back, in the last 2 innings. The Lafayette defense stood strong and shut down Champion City before they could take the lead.


Much like last night, the Aviators put many impressive stats on the board. Purdue pitcher PJ Smith was key in keeping the lead recording 3 scoreless innings during his time on the mound. Kam Smith stood out with 3 runs and 3 hits against the Kings. Bryce Ball recorded an additional 3 hits and 3 RBI, with Jordan Libman earning 2 runs, hits, and RBI.


The Aviators held their ground, and won 10-7. After a busy week, the Aviators were able to another W to the column due to a good, clean game.

Lafayette returns home tomorrow, playing Danville at 6:35. 


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